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General Practice Services Committee

The General Practice Services Committee (GPSC) was established in 2002 as a vehicle for the Ministry of Health, the BC Medical Association and the Society of General Practitioners of BC to work in partnership to develop innovative solutions to support and sustain full service family practice in B.C. The committee is responsible for allocating $422 million from the BCMA agreement towards new and enhanced primary health care initiatives with a focus on improving patient care, better chronic disease management and encouraging GPs to pursue full service family practice.

Full Service Family Practice Program

The Ministry of Health and the BC Medical Association have introduced a number of fee incentives and programs through the General Practice Services Committee that are designed to support GPs in providing full service family practice and improving patient care.

Guidelines and Protocols Advisory Committee

In BC, guidelines and protocols are developed under the direction of the Guidelines and Protocols Advisory Committee, jointly sponsored by the BC Medical Association and the Ministry of Health. Guidelines and protocols help practitioners offer the best possible care for their patients by providing recommendations based on scientific evidence and expert clinical opinion.