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Ministry of Health

Family Physician Recruitment Program
(This program ended March 31, 2012)

Program Description:

The Family Physicians for British Columbia (FPs4BC) program is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Health and the BCMA, that encourages physicians to establish a group practice (*consideration given to solo practice in rural or remote areas)* in areas of need by assisting with up to $100,000 in financial support to pay off student debt and set up their practice.

To obtain funding, it is expected that the participating physician will provide in the designated community the services of a full service family practice defined as:

A Full-Service/Family Practice provides a patient with primary care throughout their life span and events, coordinates care through varying health and medical conditions, and maintains a longitudinal comprehensive patient record.

In addition, it is expected that as part of this practice, the physician will practice in alignment with the Chronic Disease Management program, and be willing to accept new and orphan patients where feasible.

Please note: Some communities of designated need in this program may require the physician to obtain full hospital privileges as part of the requirements to receive funding. Please call the designated representative at the applicable health authority for details.


Family physicians who completed residency training within the last 10 years (as of the date of the FPs4BC application) who have full licensure (or who are International Medical Graduates with temporary licensure) and who are/ will be setting up or joining a group practice in a community of Designated Need.

Funding available:

Maximum total per GP - $100,000 consisting of any combination of:

  1. Student Debt repayment - up to $40,000.
  2. Funding to set up or join a group practice (e.g., leasehold improvements, a practice mentor, or moving costs; consideration for solo for remote or rural areas) - up to $40,000 per physician.
  3. A New Practice Supplement for the first 26 weeks of practice of $2,000/week (total $52,000)
A bonus of $1,500 (on top of $100,000) will be provided if physician obtains full hospital privileges.


  • Return of Service = 3 years. The physician must work a minimum of 180 qualifying days per year. A qualifying day is defined by gross Medical Services Plan billings of at least $400 that are related to the practice. Two 17 week maternity leaves are permissible in the three years without incurring additional return of service time.

For more information:
Please see the FAQ's for more information.
Review the Policy and Guidelines document for full details of the program.
Fill out the Application Form.

August 2011 Program Update:

The FPs4BC Program ended on March 31, 2012. All applications received before January 1, 2012, and all physicians accepted in the program, must start practice before April 1, 2012.