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Ministry of Health

Expanded Chronic Care Model

BC's Expanded Chronic Care Model identifies essential elements in a system that strives for enhanced chronic care management. These include:

  • the community
  • the health system
  • self-management support
  • delivery system design
  • decision support
  • clinical information systems

The model is based on the "Chronic Care Model" used by a United States national program called Improving Chronic Illness Care (ICIC) based in Seattle, Washington, at the MacColl Institute for Healthcare Innovation at the Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound.

The model can be employed with a variety of chronic illnesses, health care settings and target populations. The purpose of applying the model is to achieve better health outcomes, resulting in healthier patients, more satisfied providers and more cost-effective expenditure of health care resources.

BC has worked with ICIC to expand the model to include health promotion and disease prevention, below. For additional information on the Expanded Chronic Care Model view the Expanded Chronic Care Model Article.

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For more information, visit the ICIC web site.