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Ministry of Health

General Practice Services Committee

The General Practice Services Committee is a joint committee of the BC Ministry of Health, the BC Medical Association, and the Society of General Practitioners of BC. The General Practice Services Committee consists of tri-lateral representation from the Ministry of Health, the BC Medical Association and the Health Authorities.

Negotiations between the government of British Columbia and the BC Medical Association resulted in the six-year 2006 Agreement (PDF), effective from 2006 until 2012, and an Amended Second Master Agreement (PDF). The 2006 Agreement addresses issues in the existing 2004 Working Agreement, including increases in fees and rates. It also provides for system redesign and renewal and identifies a framework for a new agreement structure, including increased input from Health Authorities on the negotiation of future agreements. Through the 2006 Letter of Agreement, the General Practice Services Committee manages a variety of incentives that have been developed in support of full service family practice.

The General Practice Services Committee will be monitoring all of the incentive payments to ensure there is demonstrable improvement in the targeted areas of care and may make changes in the future to achieve the best results for full service family doctors and their patients.

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